At flanders.health, our membership model is based on 2 parameters: your desired level of engagement, and the category of your organization.  For the first, please check out the pages detailing our service levels.  For the latter, here is how we look it it.

The category of your organization depends again on 2 elements: the type of economic activity performed in your organization, and the size of it.

We distinguish 4 types of organizations:  

1. Companies, which have an economic activity and are typically for profit, whether product, service or consultancy based.

2. Supporting actors, mostly with mixed activity; partly research with societal value, partly for-profit services. RTO's, Academic hospitals, Cities,... typically fall into this category.

3. Investors; while of supporting nature, these very important enables of new business are specific, and considered a separate category.

4. Academic institutes, whose activity predominantly is of societal benefit; research and education.

Within each category, we distinguish at most 5 organization sizes, to result into the 'Category' of the organization.  For companies other than startup, we apply the European definition of company size.

Company, economic activity

Supporting actors, mixed   activity




numbers in [EUR] unless stated otherwise

STAFF ꓥ [Turnover V Balance_Sheet_Total]

STAFF ꓥ [Turnover V Balance_Sheet_Total]

[fund size]


<5FTE, <3years of existence

<25FTE, <3years of existence





< 10FTE ꓥ [2Mio V 2Mio]

< 50 FTE ꓥ [10Mio V 10Mio]


additional campus



< 50FTE ꓥ [10Mio V 10Mio]

< 250FTE ꓥ [50Mio V 50Mio]


main campus



< 250FTE ꓥ [50Mio V 43Mio]

< 1250FTE ꓥ [250Mio V 215Mio]





> 250FTE ꓥ [50Mio V 43Mio]

> 1250FTE ꓥ [250Mio V 215Mio]