Flanders.health is financed by the Flemish Government for 50%. 

The other 50% will need to come from the participating organisations. We have worked out a membership model that takes into account the size and type of organisation and the service level expected from flanders.health.
The 4 different service levels are Connect, Cultivate, Consolidate and Carry.

The following are the membership fees to access flanders.health "Connect" services:

CONNECT membership

- You are welcome to our ”Connect” sessions which are thematic events targeted towards new business creation in qualified areas by bringing various parties together (in such domains as technology, integration, services, application, legal, funding,…). 

- You are informed about trends and opportunities in the broad health-tech market. 

- You obtain front-row visibility on the activities and preferential discovery from parties that are building projects.

Do you want to become a member and participate in this network? Please contact us or send a mail to your preferred network partner:

Katrien Lorré          katrien.lorre@flanders.health for FlandersBio VZW
Ruth Beckers         ruth.beckers@flanders.health for MedTech Flanders VZW
Johan Lecocq         johan.lecocq@flanders.health for DSP Valley