29 January 2019

"Connect" event on Disease Prevention

IBN flanders.health 1st thematic area

March - April 2019

Project intake Personalized Medicine

IBN flanders.health 2nd thematic area

May 2019

Information sessions regarding ICON projects on Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine call 2019

28 May 2019

"Connect" event on Personalized Medicine

IBN flanders.health 2nd thematic area

July- August 2019

Preparatory talks with interested parties for ICON projects

Personalized Medicine call 2019

27 August 2019 - noon

Deadline for submission of Personalized Medicine ICON proposal.

Personalized Medicine call 2019

8 October 2019

flanders.health tour with visit to Health House, ParTICLe, and Cochlear Technology Centre Europe.

As part of the 2019 TCI Conference in Antwerp (8-10 October 2019), flanders.health  presents the Health Cluster Tour of Health House.

TBD 2020

"Connect" session on the topic of Recovery at Home.

IBN flanders.health 3rd thematic area.

Due to the success of the 2 preceding calls, the topic of Recovery at Home will be postponed until such time that the flanders.health team can provide enough support service to these opportunities.  We call upon industry support to join the network, become a member of flanders.health to increase our capacity to support also this vital team for the future of healthcare.

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