To support innovations in the healthcare domain at the crossroads of Key Enabling Technologies, flanders.bio, DSP Valley & Medtech Flanders have joined forces in developing a new innovative business network named flanders.health.

One of flanders.health main objectives is to facilitate the development of collaborative projects between companies and between companies and research institutes. We will not only facilitate, but also support you further in the different steps that need to be taken to realise your idea.  

flanders.health is focusing on three main themes, where the confluence of digital and life science technologies offer most value:

 1. Prevention and early diagnosis.

 2. Novel personalized therapies.

 3. Recovery @ home.

In order to help you in these areas, we have developed a staged process to guide you from the inception of an idea to a successful launch.  It helps us all foresee what will come next, and is named "I4C".  The acronym stands for: Inform, Connect, Cultivate, Consolidate and Carry.

Flanders.health is financed by the Flemish Government for 50%. The other 50% will need to come from the participating organisations. We have worked out a membership model that takes into account the size and type of organisation and the service level expected from flanders.health.