We cultivate ideas.

Any party in the flanders.health network is welcome to forward ideas in our Connect program.  

Pitch & enrich

Our Connect sessions are organized so you can pitch and discuss them.  Exchanging views with others builds them stronger.  When truly solid, and there is a significant collaborative element to its realization, the flanders.health network will help by 'cultivating' the idea.  We will help gain funding.  We will look for partners and build consortia.  We will discuss plans and plannings, and drive the collaboration forward.

Do you have a great idea that needs collaboration with other parties for it to come to fruition?  Please let us know...


To embark on a trajectory of cultivation, implies the advancement of your affiliation to 'Cultivate' level.  To enjoy front-row eligibility for project cultivation you can subscribe to 'Cultivate' at the start of our partnership.

For more details please visit out affiliation - membership & services - page