Partnering event on

Personalized Medicine


a "Connect" event by flanders.health

Location: Provinciehuis Leuven

provincieplein 1, 3010 Leuven


Date: 28 May 2019


08:30 -   09:30

Welcome  and registration 

09:30 -   10:00

Introduction flanders.health 

10:00 -   12:00


12:00 -   13:00


13:00 -   16:00


16:00 -   16:30


16:30   - 17:30

ICON information session

open to all - no flanders.health affiliation required

17:30   - 18:30


The main purpose of this event is to kick-start cross-over partnerships and projects to accelerate the development of innovative healthcare solutions. It is open to flanders.health members only and falls within a "Connect" membership, except for the information session for the ICON projects, which is open to everybody. 

Register for the partnering event on Personalised Medicine

Do not hesitate to contact us further on this matter.

For more info, contact flanders.health or mail your network contact of choice: 

Katrien Lorré          katrien.lorre@flanders.health for FlandersBio VZW
Ruth Beckers         ruth.beckers@flanders.health for MedTech Flanders VZW
Johan Lecocq         johan.lecocq@flanders.health for DSP Valley