To support innovations in the healthcare domain at the crossroads of Key Enabling Technologies, FlandersBio, DSP Valley & Medtech Flanders have joined forces in developing a new innovative business network named flanders.health.

Willem Dhooge (age 49) is a bio-engineer in chemistry, graduated from the University of Ghent. He obtained an additional engineering degree in environmental remediation at the same university. After a short stay at the ENSCM in France where he worked on heterogeneous catalysis, his scientific career focused on research in the field of endocrinology and environmental sciences. He obtained a doctorate in Medical Sciences in June 2008. In 2006 he started as "Officer European Collaborations" at FlandersBio. Between 2009 and 2015 he worked at the same organization as project manager Industrial Biotechnology. As such, he was the founder of CINBIOS, the cluster collaboration initiative between FlandersBio, Ghent Bio-Energy Valley and essenscia flanders in the domain of industrial biotechnology and biorefining. Together with Sofie Dobbelaere from GBEV and Tine Schaerlaekens from FISCH / Catalisti, he coordinated the CINBIOS activities and was the driving force behind a number of new biomass and biorefining research and innovation projects, including the large-scale VISIONS project, a partnership with 30 financing companies. Since the beginning of 2018, he has been the Co-General Manager of FlandersBio.


Dieter Therssen received his M.Sc. in Electronics Engineering at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 1987. He started working at imec on advanced IC design methodologies applied to systems-on-chip integration. He was system architect for the 'Car DSP' (SAA7706) for Philips, which captured more than 60% of the market of Car Audio. Dieter became development manager of the International Technology Centre Leuven, that delivered highly successful chips and mixed-signal modules for consumer, automotive, and lighting applications. In 2000 he joined Philips Semiconductors in Nijmegen to head up the Audio Competence Centre, tasked with the creation of company-wide re-usable audio IP blocks.  In 2004 he was co-founder of NXP-software, an independent software provider for the mobile handset market, which successfully rolled out the "LifeVibes" product portfolio. In 2006, together with a small team Dieter started "Beatbrew" at the Corda campus in Hasselt, providing personalized streaming music services to mobile devices. Beatbrew developed unique technology for capturing user data and building communities based on profiles, and successfully trialled the service with European mobile operators. Dieter joined Premium Sound Solutions in 2011 to become Business Director for the automotive business with European brands, where he grew turnover and activities significantly, enabling the sale of the Electronics division to Lear Corporation.  After a brief stance with Lear, Dieter joined DSP Valley.  From a broad technology base and experience gained working in all sizes of companies, DSP Valley is grown into the reference network of smart systems business in the Benelux.


Johan Lecocq (° 1962) obtained a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering at the University of Leuven.
Before joining DSP Valley at the end of 2013, he spent most of his career in the high-tech electronics industry, both in management positions and in business development.
He gained experience in the semiconductor and automotive industries and worked successively at Philips Consumer Electronics, Philips Semiconductors, Siemens-VDO and TomTom.  As a project coordinator, Johan Lecocq contributed to various regional and international projects that are all aimed at supporting the Flemish micro and nano-electronics industry in its growth ambitions.
From 2013 to 2015 he represented DSP Valley in the European FP7 project Silicon Europe. This project focused on creating a European alliance of micro and nano-electronics clusters. Johan Lecocq was responsible for drawing up the joint action plan, which laid the foundation for a subsequent European project aimed at building and developing relationships with countries outside Europe. From 2016 to 2017, Johan Lecocq led an international team in establishing relationships with both Taiwan and the US. He continues to lead the outreach activities of the Silicon Europe alliance to expand relationships with other economically relevant countries, such as China, Japan, and South America.
In addition, since the end of 2018, Johan has been responsible for developing services to support DSP Valley members in the field of smart health technology.