Grow Into AI: Health Edition

A 4-part program to help business owners in the health(care) sector begin to use AI in their organizations without needing technical skills.

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You’ve no doubt heard of AI. If you have a smart device – whether it be a phone, a washing machine, or a car – you already interact with it. But what is it exactly? Without an engineering degree, can you use it for more than asking a robot to play your favorite song? The answer is yes!

This 4-part program focuses on AI possibilities for businesses in the health(care) sector. Full program details, including speakers, dates, and times can be found here.

  • Inspiration Session, 18 May, 15:00-18:00 CEST - FREE registration
  • Masterclass sessions, 27 May & 3 June
  • Finale Matchmaking, 17 June, 15:00 - 18:00 CEST

You can take part in any combination of the events. Only the masterclass must be followed a single entity: it is not possible to sign up for only one of the masterclass sessions.

 Imec.IC-Link Webinar

Webinar: Application-specific ICs: a unique way to customize medtech solutions

June 10, 2021 | 5-6 PM CEST / 11-12 AM EDT

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If you follow the trends in medical innovation, you know that microelectronics and silicon chip technologies are revolutionizing the medtech industry. Thereby improving the quality of healthcare and thus patients’ lives.

Application-specific ICs – so called ASICs – are a unique way to customize healthcare solutions. By reducing form factors and integrating sensing and communication features, they benefit both healthcare providers and patients. Moreover, an ASIC is an excellent way to protect your IP.

Developing an ASIC can be a complex process. That’s where you need support – whether it’s for design, development of prototype samples or volume production of qualified packaged products.

This webinar will present the latest technology trends in medtech, illustrated with ASIC examples from prototype development to commercial product.

What you will learn:

  • Why is an ASIC the most disruptive technology for your medical device?
  • What are the key steps?
  • How can innovators get support to realize their idea in silicon?

This webinar is designed for professionals in the medtech sector who want to increase their knowledge of ASIC technologies.

CELISXchallenge WEEK

CELIS project combines some of the world-class life science ecosystems in Europe (building on the Health Axis Europe Alliance – HAE), where cross-sectoral fertilisation has given rise to promising new technologies and products, resulting in new value chains

The CELISXchange WEEK intensifies and expands this inter-regional cooperation and increase its impact, especially for SMEs

  • 29 June at 10:00 -13:00 CEST: Creativity in Biotech: how to organise serendipity?
  • 1 July at 13:00 - 15:00 CEST: China Market Entry – Reality Check 2021
  • 29 - 30 June: Tailored partnering between SMEs & Academia
  • 28 June - 1 July: 1-on-1 Business Meetings
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Imec Genomics Webinar Series

Interdisciplinary research and the recruitment of new expertise will be indispensable to fuel the next era in genomics. Semiconductor technology and new CMOS-based concepts are good candidates to deliver such new expertise. As no other, the semiconductor industry has succeeded in making more complex and scalable systems, in compact form factors and at reduced prices, with improvements year after year.

In this webinar series, imec and partners dive deeper into some semiconductor-based solutions for sample preparation, DNA/RNA/protein reading, and data analysis while touching upon some innovative fields such as spatial omics, nanopore-based sensing and privacy-preserving population genomics.

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Who should attend?
This webinar series is intended for anyone involved in genomics and emerging domains such as proteomics, spatial omics and single-cell sequencing. And this for the full ecosystem: start-ups developing new sensor concepts, manufacturers of (deep) sequencers and point-of-care solutions, data analysis and visualization experts, etc.

Are you interested in semiconductor-technology-based sequencing, and want to discover the possibilities of nanostructures, silicon fluidics, large-scale parallelism, amalgamated machine learning for population genomics, and cross-layer optimization as a way to drastically reduce cost or footprint and to increase throughput, then this webinar series is for you.